So, You Want to Be A Blogger? – How to Become a Blogger

We have reached the final topic in Part III of our Blogger Life Series. It’s all about how to get started as a blogger courtesy of my own experience. If you ever want to start a blog, become a full-time blogger or just want to know more a little more about my own journey then you should keep reading to learn more.

To Write or Not to Write? – Topic Selections

n our Blogger Life II Series, I have covered topics such as collaboration tips, building a blogging tribe, and selecting social media platforms. Now it is time for the final topic in the series: topic selections.  Selecting the right topic is a major part of the writing process for any writer or blogger.  If you need a little guidance before your next assignment here are a few tips.

Socially Connected- Choosing the Right Social Media Platforms

Social Media is pretty much everywhere you look these days. It’s hard to keep track of all the latest platforms.  We use it for many different reasons from reconnecting with loved ones, meeting new people, to promoting our businesses or jobs.  While some still do not see the need or benefits of social media more and more businesses are incorporating it, especially in the blogging world. If you are still wondering which accounts will work best for your brand and blog I am here to guide you in the right direction.  Here are some my tips to take your brand or blog to the next level.

Blogging on a Budget – Budget-friendly tips for your blog

After the response to Humble Beginnings: A guide for new bloggers & Lock and Key: Protecting your work and brand online we are back with the third installment in our “The Blogger Life” series.  This time around it’s all about maintaining your blog on a budget. Read below as I share helpful and budget friendly tips.


Lock and Key: Protecting Your Work and Brand Online

Last year, I shared advice for bloggers who are new to the blogging world from my fellow bloggers. This time around, I want to discuss protecting your brand. You have built your blog and brand, but is your work protected.  If you haven’t thought about it allow me to give you some tips to help ensure you are safeguarded.

Humble Beginnings: A guide for new bloggers

Do you remember your 1st year as a blogger? You had to figure out a lot of things. Things like narrowing down what type of blog you wanted to have when to post & finding your own voice.  You can’t forget when you had more than your share of setbacks.  For those who are new to the blogging world allow me to give you some guidance. I had the opportunity to talk with a few of my fellow bloggers about this topic.  Follow along as they offer some helpful advice to new bloggers. I will share my own experience as well some of what I have learned.   First up is Marian Rothschild.