Let’s be honest the blogging world can be a bit overwhelming whether you are a newbie or more seasoned blogger.  In my own blogging experience, I have found it extremely helpful to have a blogging tribe. You know a group of fellow bloggers. you can turn to when you need help. 
 For more on this topic, I turned to members of my own blogging tribe to share why having one is beneficial. Here is what each of them had to say.
Rachael AL-Mahdi -Designer / Blogger of Rachael Karrington Designs and Rachael Karrington Bridal
“Building a tribe in fashion is essential for growth. The tribe becomes your brand’s family. It leads to trust, empowerment, building, and collaborations. The tribe focuses on the relationship between its members – the consumers.”
You can find Rachael along with Rachael Karrington Designs at their website, Facebook & Instagram.
Valeria Arrizi aka Coco – Fashion Blogger for Coco et La vie en Rose & Beauty Reporter for Glamour Italia
“Building a blogging tribe made of like-minded people makes blogging much more enjoyable. Supporting each other is both gratifying and motivating. There are those days when you have writer’s block and then your blogging buddies inspire you with their flow of thoughts. Solidarity between bloggers helps them state their positions when collaborating with brands. Not to mention that while connecting with other bloggers I found one of my best friends.”
Follow Valeria at  Coco et La vie en Rose, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
Farrah Estrella – Fashion Blogger of Estrella Fashion Report
 “Having a tribe is important because it means you have support in many ways. You can learn a lot from each other, most of the time you have the same values, views, etc. I was recently at a conference where we spoke about this and a tribe is more than people, it is the feeling that you get when you are in that space, whether is a club, a blog, etc…Your tribe definitely understands who you are and you can turn to them for support and motivation, just like they turn to you”.
Crissy Lifestyle Blogger of Whimsical Fawn
Image Credit: Whimsical Fawn
“I find that having a blogger tribe is essential. With the right people, around to motivate, support and encourage you it can really help you reach your blogging dreams and goals. My blogging tribe is incredibly loving and supportive in every aspect and I feel lucky to have them be part of my blogging journey.”
Nanthale Collins Fashion Stylist & Style Blogger of N.E.C. Style
Image Credit: N.E.C Style
“Before I began blogging I would look and wonder how other bloggers get it done.  I didn’t realize they had a tribe and how having a tribe of like-minded women could change my blogging for the better.  I love having women who support my blog, share my post and give me compliments right when I need them.  I’m so happy to have them in my corner, I call them “my blogger boos” and my friends.”
As you can see the main takeaway from each of these awesome ladies is that having a good blogging tribe can be an essential part of your blogging journey.  If you don’t currently have one, why not start one and reach out to your blogging friends today.
Special thanks again to Rachael, Valeria, Farrah, Crissy and Nanthale for sharing your thoughts. Be sure to follow their websites and on social media.
Do you have a blogging tribe? What do you think is a benefit from having one? Let us knows in the comments.
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