In our Blogger Life II Series, I have covered topics such as collaboration tips, building a blogging tribe, and selecting social media platforms. Now it is time for the final topic in the series: topic selections.  Selecting the right topic is a major part of the writing process for any writer or blogger.  If you need a little guidance before your next assignment here are a few tips.

Select Topics You Care About

It is easy to pick a topic based on popularity especially if you are a fashion writer or blogger. However, you should select topics you want to write about as well.  Loyal readers can pick up on it in your writing. Plus, it will make the overall process go more smoothly.

Make A Topic List

Here’s one of my secrets I have a running topic list that I select from on a regular basis. It really comes in handy for when I am stumped for a blog post idea.  Plus, it helps me keep track of the ones I have already used.

Set Up a Feedback Survey for Ideas

If you can’t seem to figure out what to write about it then look no further than your audience.  Why not set up a short survey asking your readers which topic they might want you to write about.

Don’t Force It

Your chosen topic isn’t quite coming together like you hoped?  Don’t try to force it.  Take a break to relax.  You can always come back to the topic.  I find it helpful particularly when it came to putting together this post.
Use these tips to help pick out your next topic.
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