So, You Want to Be A Blogger? – How to Become a Blogger

We have reached the final topic in Part III of our Blogger Life Series. It’s all about how to get started as a blogger courtesy of my own experience. If you ever want to start a blog, become a full-time blogger or just want to know more a little more about my own journey then you should keep reading to learn more.

Plus Size- Is It Just a Term for You?

The Plus Size Industry as a whole is constantly a hot topic in the news. From the continued progression being made to new designer collaboration you probably have seen it being discussed both online and offline. One topic that I have seen consistently discussed is the term itself and how people feel about it. Honestly, I have my own feelings about it, but I wanted to get some outside perspective. I reached out to a few fellow Plus Size ladies & Industry Professionals to get their feedback. Keep reading to find out who they are & what they had to say.

How to Create a Statement Look With Minimal Makeup

Image Credit: Pexels & Pixabay

The desire to simplify is strong for most busy women. However, it is still essential to look polished, no matter how hectic one’s schedule is. After all, there is a lot to be said about “doing less but looking more.”

Fortunately, makeup is one aspect of looking pretty and presentable that does not always need to be a long and elaborate process. Even if you wish to look a little edgy and set yourself apart from the rest, there are quick and easy ways to do so with makeup.

How do you do that? Here are some pro makeup artist’s tips to try.

Night on the Town- Minaudières & Clutches

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It’s officially the holiday season and the invites are starting to roll in. Whether you are attending a party, dinner or etc. you want to have the perfect outfit. Speaking of outfits, you finally found it but what about your handbag for the occasion. Look no further than a charming minaudière or evening clutch. Here are a few that are sure to be a conversation starter.