Lakmé Fashion Week (Winter/Festive 2018)

The latest Lakmè Fashion Week came to a close over the week. Taking place at The St. Regis Mumbai, the final fashion week of the season showcased the Winter/Festive 2018 collections. Besides the gorgeous designs and talented designers, this season’s runway show had an emphasis on inclusion.  Not only are we big on global fashion, but also when it used to send a message.   Over the five-day fashion week, guests were treated to the latest collections from some of India’s noteworthy designers. If you were like us and didn’t get it to experience it in person here are just a sample of the collections that graced the runway.

Beauty Bests- Best Makeup at the Drugstore

It’s easy to be a makeup lover and get discouraged by the price tag of highly talked about products. Most of us don’t have the expendable money to purchase luxury beauty items on a regular basis. And most of us aren’t getting sent PR packages. Back in the day when I first fell in love with makeup, I got stuck in this way of thinking that I couldn’t afford quality products, and in turn, my makeup would never be as flawless as the Influencers I was tuned in to at the time. As time passed and I dove deeper into my new-found obsession, I quickly found out how wrong I was (Thank God!)

2018 VMAS Red Carpet

Well, folks, it’s the time of year yet again. Tonight, was the 2018 VMAs. The award show took place again in New York City. However, it made its return to Radio City Music Hall since 2009. Another thing to point out is that there wasn’t a host yet again. Of course, there were plenty of antics that occurred we are focusing on the fashion. Several celebs, of course, got it right while others had us a little puzzled. Either way, they definitely caught our attention. Here is a quick recap of some of the looks below.

Call Times and Blog Rolls- An Interview with Stylist and Style Blogger Nanthale Collins

We are kicking off our new series Fashion at A Plus with an exclusive interview with Stylist and Blogger Nanthale Collins.  We previously worked together with our Memorial Day Blog Swap and Blogging Tribe posts.   Keep reading to find out more about Nanthale and her upcoming projects. 1. First off …

Vibrant Force- Finding Your Power Color

Power. Everyone wants it in one way or another. I know I would love to feel powerful now and then, especially when I’m put in situations or around people that I don’t know. Let’s just say I’m not exactly good in a crowd. I’m awkward, quiet, shy…I’m kind of a hot mess, to be honest. But there are times that I need to have confidence; times that I need to strut my stuff and believe in myself. And it’s at those time where I grab my power color.

Hot Off the Press – Plus Size Magazines

There is a magazine that pretty much covers any topic you can think of. While many are moving folding or converting to digital fashion magazines are still popular. However, plus size fashion isn’t always represented. Fortunately, there are several plus size fashion magazines that are working hard on changing that. If you aren’t familiar I have a gathered a few that you should check out.