If you regularly follow My Own Sense of Fashion, we use the slogan “Let us do the writing for you” especially on promotional media for our blogging and writing services.  If you have been toying with the idea of hiring a blogger then you are in the right place.   Keep reading to find out why you should add a blogger to your team.

Coverage for Your Brand

If you are looking to either start or expand your blog coverage then you should consider hiring a blogger.  A blogger can introduce your brand or business to a new audience.  An added bonus is you get the word out for your next product, event or more.

Gain New Potential Customers

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Speaking of audience, you can gain new potential customers when you work with a quality blogger.  Bloggers tend to have an expanding audience so your next customers could be reading your blog post.

Have Someone Do the Writing for You

Not a fan of writing or limited on time?  This is the perfect opportunity to hire a professional.  There are several bloggers that best fit your particular brand & budget.  To get started search different bloggers or local bloggers in your area. 

Build Your Online Presence

In addition to providing blogging and writing services then bloggers can also assist building your online presence (i.e. social media).  Bloggers can utilize their social media presence in your favor by sharing content.

Build New Connections

Last on the list is building mutual connections.  You can introduce bloggers to other businesses, brands and etc.  Whereas, bloggers can introduce your brand and business to some of their connections as well (i.e. fellow bloggers, consumers, event coordinators and etc.).

These are some reasons to consider before hiring a blogger. If you are looking to hire a blogger then look no further than My Own Sense of Fashion. Stay tuned for our next topic in Blogger Life Series III.

Have you hired a blogger for your brand or business?  Are you think about hiring one?  What has been your experience?  Let us know in the comments.

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* Disclaimer-The tips and advice given in this blog post are based on my own blogging experience. Blogging experience and results may vary. 

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