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Last year, I shared advice for bloggers who are new to the blogging world from my fellow bloggers. This time around, I want to discuss protecting your brand. You have built your blog and brand, but is your work protected.  If you haven’t thought about it allow me to give you some tips to help ensure you are safeguarded.
1. Logo (have one and include it in your work)
Some of you may already have a logo. If not, there are a lot of great websites where you can make a quality one for a small fee or free of charge.  I use Flaming Text and Square Space Logo for my own logos with great results.  Also, be sure to include logos on images of your work.  It helps protect you from those who could potentially try to steal your work.
2. Include a disclaimer at the end of your blog post or featured on your website.
It doesn’t have to be too complicated just state that people have to seek permission before sharing or using your content.  Unfortunately, they are some people out there who rather claim your work as their own instead of doing the work themselves.
3.Secure your domain
When the time is right purchase your domain. The last thing you want is someone to beat you to it.  There are some great options depending on how long you want to own it. Another great thing about buying your domain is that you have proof of ownership in case someone else tries to use the same domain.
4.Have a policy set in place
You will receive opportunities to work with other writers and brands, but it is important to have a policy set in place.  Before an agreement is made make sure you and the other party are on the same page.  This helps avoid any potential confusion and help to determine if it is right for your brand.  Remember you don’t have to say yes to all opportunities you receive. The right one will come along.
5. Be mindful of where you post your work online.
Sharing your work online can be very beneficial especially presenting it to a much wider audience. With that being said I would say make sure you read over the website’s policy before doing so. In some cases, social media websites & etc allow users to post their work with the understanding that they will only receive a predetermined percentage of the payment if they receive anything at all.  If these types of websites aren’t for you I would suggest ones that don’t charge their users.
These are just a few of my tips to get you started protecting your brand online.  They should help you be better prepared in case you need to use any of them.   If you find them helpful be sure to leave a comment or thoughts below.
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