It is a common misconception that those of us in the plus size community don’t exercise among other things. However, I want to address this. They are many plus size men and women who exercise regularly.  This is why I wanted to write this post. I am centering on my fellow plus size ladies.   Ladies, you have decided to work out, but now you face the task of finding the right activewear.  Well, I got you covered. Here, I have included some great brands to choose the right workout outfit. 
Let’s get started.

Rainbeau Curves

Emily Print Tank w/ Bra – Radiance Plum

                  Image credit: Rainbeau Curves

The California-based activewear company has been in business for over 30 years. What appeals to me is how they designated sections to your specific active wear needs.  I really loved their bright colors and figure flattering designs as well. It is not hard to see how this company has been successful in business for this long.

Another website for great Plus Size Activewear is Full Beauty. Formerly known as Redcats, it consists of the selections from a variety  of Plus Size retailers ( i.e. Woman Within, Jessica London, and Roaman’s). This website is great because each brand offers variety especially for the woman looking a specific item.

Xersion by JC Penney

Xersion™ Seamed Pants – Plus

Image credit: JC Penney

Now, this brand I can personally vouch for.  It is an affordable and stylish activewear choice. A few years I purchased a pair of the work pants from this line. Not only were they very comfortable, but moisture wicking which is great for those intense workouts.  I have washed and dried mine several times with no issues so far.
This active wear line includes vividly colored prints and solid colors depending on your personal taste. The loungewear is just the thing for a quick errand or for light workout days. Lane Bryant is constantly improving the overall design so I don’t have any doubt they did their research for this line as well.

Torrid Active – Star Print Sports Bra

Image credit: Torrid

       Torrid launched their active wear line this past March and features an assortment of sports bras.  Although the line mainly features neutral tones, there are pieces that feature pops of color.  The choice of prints appeals to Torrid’s target customer base and gives off a vast amount of personality.

          These are just a few of the active wear choices that are not only figure flattering but designed with the consumer in mind.  There are some many great options to choose from. Whether you are attending a yoga class or going for a stroll you won’t have a problem finding the right outfit for you.  Ladies, you can hit those goals this year.  Which line is your favorite? Let me know by leaving your comments below.

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