They were numerous trends that had us talking this year. Some we couldn’t wait to try while others not so much. No matter where they fall on the scale they were hard to forget. Keep readings as I highlight some of the biggest fashion trends of 2015.  Also, find out which one I think will appear in 2016 and which ones should remain in 2015.  Let’s get started with the list.

Menswear Inspired

Calvin Klein Tweed Menswear-Inspired Pants
Image credit: Shopstyle

This trend has been very popular for a couple seasons now.  It has been seen on several runways this season.  I don’t think it is going anywhere soon. You can try it for yourself by trying these pants by Calvin Klein

I am a fan of tights. It is a great alternative to those who might favor wearing pantyhose.   Tights aren’t really going anywhere soon whether they are on trend or not. There are several options to choose from whether you lean towards solid or have a favorite pattern.

Ear cuffs

Jules Smith Pavé Ear Cuff
Image Credit:ShopStyle

Jules Smith Pavé Ear Cuff

River Island Silver Tone Embellished Statement Ear Cuff
Image Credit: ShopStyle

Ear cuffs were a big trend this year. Both on and off the red carpet they were hard to miss.  The different types were endless.  You can get in on this trend depending on if you want to keep it simple or go bolder with your fashion.    This trend could cross over to 2016, but it is still too early to tell.

Torrid Tripp Lace Peplum Hoodie
Image Credit: ShopStyle

Each season peplums make a return appearance in some form (i.e. skirts, blouses, or dresses).  This trend has fashion followers torn with some loving the look while others aren’t fans.   I personally like peplums when if it is done right.   I wouldn’t mind if they make an appearance in the upcoming year. I am curious to see how designers will put their personal spin on it.

Wet Hair Trend
The wet hair look was used a lot this year especially during fashion week.  After seeing the same style used in countless runway shows, I am over it.  I am not saying it is a “bad” trend, but an overused one.  It could benefit from a small break in 2016.

Bad Bold Prints

Wearing bold prints can be a great look to show off your personality. Although there are prints types that don’t always work.   For all the great print designs there are a few awful selections as well.  A popular look is to mix different types of prints, just make sure you don’t go overboard.  Hopefully, in the New Year, we could see more great bold prints and less of the ones that aren’t fashionable.

Well, those are just some of the popular trends this year. Did I include your favorite? Are there a few you wouldn’t mind leaving behind in 2015? Let me know by commenting below.

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