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Congratulations, you have been invited to attend an upcoming wedding.  Never attended a wedding before?  This post is just for you.   I attended a good friend’s wedding last Summer and I have a list do’s and don’ts to help you. Keeping reading and take some notes if you like.

Be Sure to Send Back the RSVP

If you are now you attending the wedding then definitely send back the RSVP.  Don’t add unnecessary stress to the happy couple.   Of course, include a cute card.

Go for Smaller Ticket Items on the Wedding Registry

If you are on a budget then look for smaller ticket items on a wedding registry.  You just might buy more than one gift.

Don’t Arrive Late

We know you can’t control traffic and etc. However, avoid being late if you can.  If you arrive a little early you can find your seat. Also, the last thing you want to be is a distraction.

Take Pictures

The Bride (right) and I (left)

Image Credit: Veronica Robinson

Welcome Sign

The Bridal Party

Image Credit: Tamarah Brown for My Own Sense of Fashion

Of course, what’s a wedding without pictures.  Make sure you have your phone or camera charged especially if you plan on taking plenty of pics. Don’t forget to use the couple’s hashtag when you post.

Dress to Impress, but Don’t Outshine the Bride

We all know it’s a faux pas to wear white to a wedding.  However, you can pull your best photo-ready look without taking focus away from the bride.  Also, if there is a dress code try to follow it.  Remember you most likely will be in a few pictures.

Mingle & Be Courteous

Weddings are a great way to meet new people.  Also, it doesn’t hurt to be nice.  Don’t be that “Wedding Guest”.    You never know who you might encounter.

Take Part in The Reception Activities

Have fun at the reception by taking in the activities.  Get your selfie on at the photo booth or etc.

Say Thanks

Last, but certainly, not least thank the couple for inviting you to be part of their special day.  Let them know before heading out (if possible) or just send them a thank you note afterward.  You already know how much I love a good thank you card. 

Those are just some tips.  Hope they help you out before attending your next wedding.  Have you been invited to any weddings? Are attending any upcoming weddings? What are some of your tips? Let us know in the comments.

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