When it comes to fashion, the hardest thing to do is build a neutral base for a versatile wardrobe. Every season has its fashion capsule must-haves but, this fall, it’s all about going back to simple and classic pieces.
Sticking to a few clothing essentials will turn your wardrobe from contemporary into timeless. Mixing neutral colors with clear cuts and simple shapes will make you look great every day of the upcoming fall season. Here are five must-haves for a well-structured and all-encompassing fall wardrobe.

Button-up Shirt

Subtle button-up shirts are not only suitable for business attire. True fashion lovers have been completing their everyday outfits with a simple button-up shirt, wearing it tucked into slim-fit denim or cropped jeans. For a touch of elegance, combine it with heels or flats, or opt for a dress or a pair of ankle pants for a more relaxed outfit. Buying a quality button-up shirt will update your wardrobe with a classic piece that is suitable for every occasion.

Long Sleeves

A long-sleeved t-shirt is a true staple clothing item. Easy to mix and match, a long-sleeved t-shirt can complete any style and outfit. They can be of various fabrics – from cotton to silk, but they’re all soft to the touch and quite comfortable. Choose neutral colors when you shop for t-shirts and feel free to add a pop of color with navy blue, red, and burgundy details.
Invest in a pair of quality long-sleeved t-shirts and you’ll never have to worry about throwing away a shirt that you’ve only had for six months.

Mid-length Black Dress

This is a classic piece for all occasions, be it day or night, work or weekend. Any elegant black dress will do for any type of event, but a mid-length black dress is what will make you turn heads. Black dresses come in various shapes, fits, and sizes, so choosing the perfect one will be a bit tricky, yet an exciting project. Team it with elegant high-heels for a night out or with flats for an afternoon walk.

Denim Jacket

Another must-have piece of clothing for this fall are classic women’s denim jackets: a neutral, subtle, versatile piece that goes well with anything. Women’s jackets don’t have to take over the spotlight from other clothing pieces, but rather balance them out. To do that, consider the style (shape, length), fit (loose, fitted), and fabric (indigo denim, cotton denim) when choosing this classic piece.
For example, try a variety of styles at any fashion store and see which one you like best. That may be a timeless indigo denim jacket or a worn-out retro-style one.

Leather and Ankle Pants

Choosing the right pants is never easy, but what’s great about them is that you can easily dress them up with accessories and use them to quickly transform a day-style into a night-style.
The right pair of classic leather pants or comfy ankle pants makes traveling a breeze, or a day in the office a piece of cake. With their power to elevate the outfit, no one will notice you’re wearing the same thing more than 3 times a week as you will combine it with various styles and outfits.

Ready to Go

Make sure your closet isn’t missing anything from this list of must-haves for this fall. They are super helpful in putting any outfit together and you should never hesitate to buy quality pieces, for they will serve you for years to come.
Classic items like these can be worn all year-round. When you are unsure whether you should go with a night-out dress code or a business attire, build your outfits around these neutral and subtle must-haves.
These clothing pieces may not sound like the most feminine, but they will end up being the clothes you hold onto for the longest. Once you find the perfect ones, they will never go out of style and you’ll never regret investing in them. These five must-haves will become your favorite items of this fall fashion season.
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