I had the chance to speak with Indian Plus Size Model & 2017 Face of FFFWeek© Mallory B. Richardson.  In between her busy schedule, I asked about her journey to become the 2017 Face of FFFWeek©  & more. Keeping reading to find out more.
1. Congratulations on being declared 2017 Face of FFFWeek©.  What motivated you to enter this year’s competition and what has been your favorite moment so far?
MBR: Thank you so much!  I decided to enter this year after casting as a runway model last year.  After watching the FFFWeek© brand build over the years, I thought very carefully about how I wanted to be involved this year.  I was unable to make either casting and couldn’t get the thought of not submitting for The Face out of my mind.  I had recently worked with a videographer I trusted and truly am a public speaker at heart.  Once I heard Gwen on the radio explain the basis for creating The Face role, I was that much more assured, I should submit.  The journey has been incredible so far.  I have been contacted by previous Face winners, media, embraced by industry professionals and instilled with a new sense of self as me being me and all the hard work I have displayed over the past two years was all worthwhile for a moment in time like this.
Image Credit: Erika King


2.       In addition to being a model, you are also a Clothing Stylist and Fashion Producer. Would you say that this has allowed you to have a unique perspective when it comes to modeling?
MBR:  I am that much more selective, hands-on, and meticulous when it comes to the treatment of all parties involved in my productions, and what I command when working as a model for a designer in a production.  Being a stylist allows me to use my creative abilities to unveil a new and refreshed version of a person via their clothing and appearance, which internally gleams from the inside out as their self-esteem begins to enhance as well.  
People do care about their personal appearance, or at least they should, and what others think.  As a model, I am there to showcase designer attired suitable for sale.  I am a spokesmodel with no words, I am the template to a piece of artistry, I give life to garments and let the audience envision themselves or loved ones enjoying collection items based on my representation of the brand, that is powerful.  When I am in production mode, I am constantly thinking, how best can I show my team I value them and receive the best performance both from my staff and the expected attendees.  
What type of experience do I want them to have?  How can I continue to evolve my productions and keep the core values of creation the same… these are all things I think about.  I have produced both Birth of an Empire, my first runway show and now Crusade of Curves which will be an annual production.  I hope to continue to build my legacy in the fashion marketplace both for straight and plus women to highlight incredible design aesthetic.

3.       Here is a fun question. What is your must-have item in your beauty arsenal and why?
 MBR:   I must have an amazing statement piece.  Whether jewelry, belt, or clutch, I am an accessories kind of girl.  I believe anything can look like something with a splash of accessory.  It takes your look to the next level of completeness.
Image Credit: Erika King
4.       Lastly, where can people find you online?
MBR:  Facebook: Mallory B. Richardson
Instagram: Malthemodel
Instagram: (Styling) Largerthanlifestyling
Instagram: (Nonprofit) Beaucoup919
Instagram: CrusadeofCurves
Special thanks again to Mallory. Be sure to find her online and catch her at this year’s Full Figured Fashion Week next month.
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