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We here at My Own Sense of Fashion not only want to highlight women making moves in fashion but the men as well.  For this interview, I am talking to Model, Stylist & Creative Director Leon “Mr. Gumby” Freeney.  We talked about the world of fashion styling, and how he gives back to the community. Keep reading below to find out more.

1.       First off, please introduce yourself to the readers?

 Hello, readers, I go by the name Mr. Gumby and I am a full-time Model, Stylist, and Creative Director from Staten Island. People know me best for being one of the founding fathers of a hip hop crew called the Funky Fresh Crew a group of talented people that embraced the 80s/90s style of fashion.                                         
2.       You are known as Mr. Gumby and I feel that there is a story behind this name. Would you care to share its origin?

The name Mr. Gumby comes from the 80s cartoon character and from the style of the Gumby haircut of the 80s hip hop fashion era. I gave myself that name to be different to be bold & wanted something that would stand out.

The Lady Sings the Blues Photo Shoot
 featuring Plus Size Fashion Stylist & Style Blogger Nanthale Collins of N.E.C. Style

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3.       I notice that you pull fashion looks from specific decades. Are your selections based on personal preference or do they hold some significance?
A lot of shoots that I do are based on time periods I want to give the world a different vibe, it’s about showing the beauty of life.   
4.       You are also a big proponent of giving back to your community through fashion. What has been the overall response?

     As an artist I think it’s important to give back to your community, we are dealing with hard times now so I made it my goal to show others the gift of love. Each photo shoot that I have done was made to inspire the people. Lots of people see my images and it gives them life. As of today, I’m still ushering my gift to help people see that love is the key not hate.

Photography: powardbysoul
 5.       For those unfamiliar with the world of fashion styling, what would you say is a common misconception? 

       In the world of fashion, some people don’t see the art in it. It’s not about the clothes it’s about a person that has been down and how they can use fashion to uplift people. I want people to be bold, never be afraid & look different. It’s not about designers that make the clothes it’s about the people that are willing to take a chance.
6.       Let’s say a client is uncertain and nervous about the shoot. How do you handle this situation?

       When I am at work and a person is nervous I take my time to build them up & have fun by giving my gift of joy. By the end of the shoot, they had fun because when you show love it helps. 
7.       Lastly, where can people find you and your work online?
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Special thanks again to Mr. Gumby and don’t forget to check him online.

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