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         Through many ways, Rumena Begum is a typical fashion and beauty blogger, who increasingly gets recognized on the streets of London. The 23-year-old’s Instagram is full of images of different Asian attires, makeup looks, food and most importantly to her, her family. She grew up with 6 sisters, who she self-confessed to be her “best friends”. With currently at around 2980 Instagram followers and 110,748 YouTube subscribers, Rumena Begum’s enthusiastic personality shines through her videos and blogs attracting the attention of thousands around the UK, and even internationally.  
                                 An outfit from a lookbook in 2015 
                             Image Credit Rumena Begum

            Rumena previously dropped out of university where she was studying Law, which she describes as “one of the best decisions”, and instead chose to pursue a career in the beauty industry. She worked in retail for a year in order to afford a makeup course, so that she could become a qualified makeup artist, and now has a growing beauty business. Blogging also coincidentally became a full-time career for Rumena. 

         Her creative personality and a large number of Instagram followers at the time were  an advantage, as she was able to find clients. It also helped her to become the success she is today due to having such a large audience. She is perhaps one of the most popular Asian bloggers in the UK. On top of her social media success, she also launched her own app ‘Rumena Begum’ earlier on in the year, where she gives her fans exclusive insights into her life and has claimed to have a book coming out at one point during her career.  
Rumena’s Deepika Padukone Bajirao Mastani look
Image Credit: Rumena Begum

Muslim Bangladeshi, which is often shown through her beautiful
 recreations of famous Bollywood makeup and outfit styles, 
such as actresses Deepika Padukone and Aishwarya Rai. 
 As a fashion and beauty blogger, she also creates various Eid 
looks and often records ‘look books’ of both Western and Asian 
clothing for her fans.

           However, one of her most popular type of videos appears to be her family vlogs, which is not only entertaining and comedic, but also a great way for her fans to stay updated with her life events and get to know Rumena and her family personally.  One of the most recent events being the upcoming wedding of her second sister, which Rumena has already shown us an insight into by vlogging the engagement party, bridal shower and wedding  preparations. 

Rumena and her six sisters from the engagement party.
Image Credit:

          What’s most interesting about this fashion and beauty blogger is her self-motivation and strive to continue on with all her hard work and talents – “Success is not a final thing, there’s no stage in life where you’re just successful”, as she herself has self-confessed.   You can follow her on Instagram and at her website.
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 Aniqa Tahsin is an 18 years old Bangladeshi fashion and beauty blogger based in London. She loves writing about trends, life events, and anything which I think you guys would be into, as well as me.  Aniqa also enjoy writing for other bloggers so feel free to get in touch! Be sure to follow Aniqa on social media (Snapchat and Instagram).
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