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In my previous post, I wrote about how to get fashion deals while using gift cards (click here).
             Anyone who knows me personally knows that I am a serious bargain shopper. When I shop I make sure it is within my budget and it comes in handy.  I am going to let you in one of my saving secrets. I take surveys.  Now I know for some of you when you hear surveys  you might think the following things flashings online ads, offers in your spam folder or even those postcards  you might receive in the mail.  Allow
me  to share some of my favorite real panels and etc. I am a member of.   With any luck, you can earn a gift card to your favorite retailer (fashion or etc.) or even earn some cash.  Let’s get started. 

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You Gov– You receive surveys as often as you like. I actually would suggest you choose this option because you have to let the points build for the good prizes (gift cards). Some of the rewards I have earned so far are a Target, Old Navy and Applebee’s Gift Card (valued at $50.00 each). For those who are interested here’s my referral link.

Springboard America– This panel rewards in cash and requires you get to $50.00 before you can redeem it. You can either receive it in the form as an online payment via Paylution or Amazon Gift Card. Normally, you will receive it in four to six weeks. In my experience, I have received my reward earlier or exactly six weeks.

Bing Rewards-  Although, this isn’t a survey panel I use this as well.  I recently started using this search engine but so far I have earned a month Hulu subscription, Amazon, and Starbucks gift codes. Here’s how it works you receive credits when you complete the daily activities (watching videos, search using Bing, and etc.)  So far I liked my experience.  Here’s my referral link.
Image Credit: My Own Sense of Fashion

Communispace – This panel is invitation only. $10 Amazon Gift codes are awarded to active members.  This is how I was able to recently purchase a brand new Kindle Fire & only pay $0.43 out of pocket. If you do receive an invitation I would say be mindful of the expiration dates of the activities (survey and discussion). You have to do both in order to receive your award. Sometimes they also have opportunities to earn Spot Awards and Bonus Awards ($5-25 Amazon gift code).

Do you take surveys? What has been your experience? Let us know in the comments below.
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