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Here in the south, we are in the midst of Mardi Gras season.  Parades, Balls, and revelry are just some of things that many look forward to each year.   However, I want to focus on the fashion aspect, particularly of the Royal Court.   For my readers who might be unfamiliar allow me to share more information.  Let’s get started.

Growing up in the south, I can remember being in awe of the intricate trains worn by the King and Queen.   Kings and Queens are chosen from various Mardi Gras societies. I wondered who the designer was and what the meaning behind the symbols. Now that I am older I realized just how much work goes into making the eye-catching trains and gowns.  

Patricia Halsell-Richardson of Patricia Ann’s is the designer for many memorable Mardi Gras trains worn by the Royal Court.   Here’s a little background history.  MAGMA (Mobile Area Mardi Gras Association) held its first parade in 1939 and presented its first Royal Court in 1940.

Each train is made from the finest materials and includes symbols that hold personal memories to the King and Queen.  Symbols can range from family crests to faith.  These elaborate trains added something extra to already imaginative floats.  Check out some of the trains, crowns, and gowns below.

Crown at the Mobile Carnival Museum

Image credit: Mobile Carnival Museum

Train at Mobile Carnival Museum

Image credit: Mobile Carnival Museum

Mobile Area Mardi Gras Association 2015 Queen Morgan Billingsley (Mike Brantley/

Image credit:

Detail of MAMGA Queen Morgan Billingsley’s train, (Patricia Richardson)

 Image credit:

Detail of MAMGA King Patrick Clark Yelding’s train. (Patricia Richardson

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