I received samples (skincare & makeup) as a prize through  a contest from a friend & Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant Shawanna Bryant.   I am reviewing three Mary Kay ® Botanical Effects® Formula 2 skincare samples.
Step 1

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I applied this on my skin after waking up. After using it my face felt much cleaner.  I have sensitive skin, but I didn’t have any allergic reaction.

Step 2
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I applied the mask immediately after the cleanser. After two minutes, the mask started form on my face. After rinsing it off, my face appeared lighter & my nose wasn’t as oily. It is one of the areas I tend to break out the most.
Mary Kay ® Botanical Effects® Fresh Towelette (Normal Skin)
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Last step, I wiped my face with the towelette.  It was refreshing and brought some moisture back after I applied the mask.


Image credit: My Own Sense of Fashion
Overall, I was impressed with this line. I have tried a lot of skincare & with different results. What I like is that each product has a special formula catered to your skin type (normal, dry or oily).  The one drawback I found is the smell.  Although, I suffer from allergies the lack of scent wasn’t my favorite. Other than that I didn’t find any other problems.   It has been days since I used the samples I can report that no allergic reaction occurred.

Special thanks again to Shawanna Bryant for providing the samples. You can visit her Mary Kay website by clicking here. You can also like her fan page on Facebook.
This review is not sponsored by Mary Kay.  All opinions are my own.
All images/information appear courtesy of My Own Sense of Fashion and Mary Kay.

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