Copenhagen wrapped up its fashion week for the autumn/winter 2015 season last Friday the 30th. All the week consisted of three days.  They made sure each day was packed with impressive fashion from several of its designers. Here’s a little recap along with some of the collections that stood out for me.  Day (1/28/15)
Fonnesbech AW15
Designers Celina Fonnesbech Targalski and Mette Bundgaard

I really liked the colors here especially the use of burnt orange. My second favorite thing from this collection would have to be the detailing.  
Asger Juel Larsen AW15
The contrast from solid to patterns in the collection was definitely a high point for me.
Mark Kenly Domino Tan AW15
The label is still relatively young (launched in 2012). Something that caught my eye is the cone shape to some of the looks particularly in the skirts.  Another thing I picked up on is the Dior’s New Look influence in the understated hints throughout the collection.
          Sand AW15    
This brand is what happens when traditional tailoring and sex appeal are combined.  Here we see the right exact amount of looks for both men and women. The inclusions of hats on some of the looks are the beret. As a big fan of hats just seeing them added to my enjoyment.

Day 2(1/29/15)
Baum und Pferdgarten AW15
The pairing of neutrals and cool colors are presented in this collection. The feminine details (i.e. ruffles and lace) and sport elements (jerseys) are combined in a way you wouldn’t think should work, but does. Lastly, I liked how the hairstyle were  kept simple so that it doesn’t steal focus from the designs.
Ganni AW15
Casual yet sophistication is evident in this collection. One of my favorite looks would have to the plaid coat. A close second would be the second printed wrap dress.  What I appreciated is that overall look of this collection is comprehensive without trying too hard.
Designers Remix AW15
For a brand known for borrowing elements from menswear the creative team successfully made sure it isn’t overpowering. I really loved the pops of burnt orange sprinkle through this collection.  Not to be outdone the detailing of the neutral color looks were showcased as well.
Day 3 (1/30/15)
Barbara í Gongini AW15
The designer’s signature is gloom and politically charged messages. You really see those influences in this collection (neutral color palette and messages on the knees of some looks).
The one thing I would say wasn’t a favorite of mine is the hairstyle particularly the blowout worn by some of the models.  However, compare to the gel hair being seen recently on the runway as of  late I will  say this style is a  welcome change in comparison.
Photos: Umberto Fratini /
That’s it for Copenhagen until it CFW returns in August for the SS season.

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