Our latest interview is especially for fans of men’s fashion. Recently, I was introduced to Lloyd Rayner online. He is one of the Co-founders and Designer behind the British luxury men’s fashion brand Kurtis Paul.  Keep reading below to find out more about this brand & etc.
Lloyd Rayner (left) with Kurtis (right) of Kurtis Paul

 Image Credit: Lloyd Rayner

Can you tell us more about your brand?

LR:  Kurtis Paul is a luxury men’s fashion brand specializing in beautifully crafted bags and accessories. It is a family run business that was created by my brother Kurtis and me in 2015. The idea to start Kurtis Paul came from when we took to the market to find a bag to accompany us on a trip and were surprised at how shallow it was. On one side, you had the super expensive, where the majority of the cost was for the label. On the other were the high-street shops selling for a much cheaper price, but with that came a lack of quality. This made us realize that there was a gap in the market for high-quality bags at a reasonable price, so decided to set up shop and create the Kurtis Paul fashion brand. Following the successful launch, we have continuously added to our collection, constantly coming up with fresh and innovative ideas.


You and your brother Kurtis serve as co-founders as well as designers. What role would you say each of you plays in Kurtis Paul?

LR:  Since a young age, I have always been fascinated with making things, whereas Kurtis is the more fashionable one. As individuals, our skill sets differ massively but this is the reason it works. Both of us play a part in the decision-making and the way our business is run but there are areas in which we will concentrate on individually. With Kurtis, being the trendy one, a lot of his time goes into the design of the products, putting his own twist on each and making them unique. Using my creativity, I then put the designs into action, picking the perfect materials and ensuring the items are practical.

Kurtis Paul Designer Fashion – Men’s Duffle Bag
Image Credit: Lloyd Rayner


Kurtis Paul represents the true gentleman. In your own words, what is your definition of a true gentleman?

LR:  A true gentleman is an individual who treats others in a polite and courteous manner regardless of appearance or circumstance. He appreciates that everybody is different and embraces his individuality. Along with the way he acts towards others he has also learned to love oneself, taking great pride in his appearance. He understands that dressing smart and being well-groomed portrays self-respect; which a true gentleman has plenty of. Whether traveling the world or setting out on a new business venture he stays classy, confident and motivated. It is his duty to be the best version of himself whilst staying humble.



Your bags are finely crafted. If you could design a bag for anyone who would it be and why?

LR:  We pride ourselves on being bold and thinking big. So, who else to design a bag for then Iron man himself?! Not only does he replicate what we stand for but he is a fashion icon like no other. Just like our bags his suit has been crafted using only the best materials, with practicality in mind. When it comes to embracing individuality, Ironmandoes it better than anyone. By day he keeps himself well-groomed and in tip top condition, whilst when called for he knows he has a duty that he carries out perfectly!


Kurtis Paul Men’s Canvas Backpack

Image Credit: Lloyd Rayner


What is the most popular trend at Kurtis Paul?

LR:  At Kurtis Paul, we believe what makes the fashion world so amazing is the variety of trends that are constantly changing with the times. There is one however that never seems to go out of fashion. Classy, smart clothing such as a shirt and suits. No matter the crowd or surroundings everyone appreciates a man who takes pride in his appearance. We represent the modern gentleman and both Kurtis and I understand that you can never be overdressed and time should always be taken to look your best. When other trends have disappeared never to be thought of again, this look has stayed strong and has definitely withstood the test of the time.

Kurtis Paul Designer Fashion – Men’s Tote Bag
Image Credit: Lloyd Rayner

Lastly, where can people find you online?

Instagram: @Kurtis_Paul
Special thanks again to Lloyd. Be sure to check out Kurtis Paul online.
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