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         If your world revolves around fashion and travel, it’s time to infuse journey with style. All those who enjoy travelling from one city to another in search of their passion for fashion, comforting  in luxury accommodation and eating the signature cuisine of that diverse city, take a look at the best destinations you must-visit. Here is our pick of top most fashionable cities from around the world that you must put on your travel plans.

Paris, France

            People in the ‘city of light’- Paris are just effortlessly chic. You will find every possible high-end fashion brands here. The annual fashion week held here is also the biggest and highly popular event, which attracts celebrities and fashion leaders from across the globe. Enjoy a stroll down The Avenue des Champs-Elysées where all big flagship stores of luxury designers including Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior are situated. So if you are on the lookout for high-end fashion boutiques and branded stores, visiting Paris should be on your bucket list.While your visit to this city, live like a local in Paris serviced apartment in popular neighbourhoods of Paris like Marais, Latin Quarter and Eiffel Tower, among others. It will also help you to imbibe the sense of fashion that the locals follow.

Milan, Italy

           A global capital of fashion and design, Milan has got everything from fashion institutions, fashion weeks and high-end branded stores. Design is in the city´s DNA! Milan is also a traditionally fashionable city where you will find well-dressed people on the streets. The city is home to the luxury fine wares such as jewellery, clothes, hats and stylish apparel. You will be pleasantly surprised to explore the city which breathes fashion, design, style and luxury.

A leisurely stroll by the trendy neighbourhood of Brera and visit to Triennale, a design museum in the city will help you get an insight why Milan is so elegant and graceful.  Also, the city is a favourite destination for fashionistas like Gianni Versace, Miuccia Prada, Giorgio Armani and Stefano Gabbana to name a few.

New York, USA

Home to haute couture, New York is the reigning fashion capital of the world. New York has brought personality into fashion through its disciplined yet creative approach to its fashion industry. New York will definitely woo you with its style, elegance, and grace as the city boast of some of the best and sophisticated shopping districts along with world-class international fashion weeks. Whether you are looking for designer labels or quirky street fashion, New York wins all the way!

London, England

        Associated with royalty, the city has no shortage of fashion icons. Fashion sense of the city is elegant, diverse and graceful. If you see an unusual proportion of pleasantly beautiful people appearing on the streets, wearing expensive denim and purple lipstick, it’s London Fashion Week. In fact, Londoners are so smartly dressed even the tubes can sometimes look like a fashion show. Every Londoner adds to the eclectic fashion sense of this city and for most of them, dressing is a fine art form.


       The city encompasses everything that a true fashionista would love to explore. You’ll absolute love shopping in Barcelona as the city is home to famous brands, high street labels to beautiful designer boutiques. Barcelona has transformed itself into a major fashion centre, attracting a number of international visitors and fashion-related events. We can say the city’s liberal and leisure-related image is now associated with fashion and whether you’re a shoe fanatic or a jewellery lover- Barcelona is the paradise for serious shoppers. 

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