It is the 1st official day of spring. In order to usher in another season here are some of our favorite trends fresh from the runway and how you can try them out in your everyday wardrobe.
1.      Streetwear
I know when some hear the word streetwear you might think tracksuit, but it has come a long way. Here is a great option for the ladies.
LAZY OAF Blue Cat Gingham Crop T-Shirt


2.     Lines
Whether you look for bold lines or smaller lines there are plenty of options.   Below is an option especially for the guys to try.

‘Flintlock’ Stripe Long Sleeve Crewneck T-Shirt



3.     Pleats
Pleats are a classic trend and this season is no exception.  This is a great example that not only combines pleats with the skater cut.
Black Pleated Bandage Skater Skirt by Charlotte Russe


4.     Plaid
Plaid is a personal favorite trend of mine.  This is a great option for the guys who are looking for a subtle plaid pattern.
Navy/Red Check Stretch Skinny Chinos


5.     Denim
Denim is a great trend you can wear all year around.  Here is a cute denim vest that can be with your choice of top.
Denim Vest with Frayed Hem
Did you favorite spring trend make our list? Let us know in the comment below.

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