I had a chance to speak with Amy Reeves of Amy’s Design.  She is also a former classmate of mine. We spoke about Amy’s Design as a whole. Not to mention how you can purchase her handmade items and services this holiday season.   

Hand Knitted Beanie (modeled by Amy Reeves)

Image credit: Amy’s Design

1.            For those who are unfamiliar with Amy Design’s can you tell them a little more about your business?

I don’t know if I would use the word business, even though it is my goal to own my own business within five years. I call it Amy’s Design because I put my personal touch on the things I create. I always start with a particular vision and stay true to the outcome being something I’m not only proud of but would enjoy for myself. I create things from my home; jewelry, clothing, and other accessories. Most are sewn, knitted or created by hand. I also offer hair services such as color, cuts, perms, up-dos or whatever service you would need. I can do these services wherever the client is most comfortable, meaning at my house or the comfort of her own home. I’ll let you in on something I haven’t mentioned yet! I’ll be developing some skin, hair and face products! I’m especially excited about this because they’ll be 100% natural ingredients.

2. What is your most popular item or service?
At the present moment, I’m most sought after for my hair services. I don’t mind at all, though, hair is a true passion of mine.

Handmade Key Charm and Wood Beaded Bracelet

       Image credit: Amy’s Design

3What are products you carry?
The products I’m currently offering, besides hair services, are my dolly bows, key charm bracelets, and various knitted items, like scarves, beanies, infinity scarves, headbands, arm and leg warmers. I love taking t-shirts and shaping/designing them into something different. Also, I’m in the process of key themed necklaces but would like to invest a little more into them before I offer them.

Cousin’s cut t-shirt (customized design)

Image credit: Amy’s Design

4.  Do you offer customization for products (bracelets, t-shirt designs and etc)?
I always want to make my clients happy and am very flexible. If anyone had a special request, I would be more than happy to oblige.

5.  Where can people find your products online?
My Facebook page Amy’s Design is where all my creations are currently posted. I’m in the process of figuring out how to set-up an online store or find a reliable website to set up an online shop. Hopefully one day, I’ll own my own salon/boutique for everything to be on display.

Cute pouch key charm bracelet would be sold in

Image credit: Amy’s Design

6.  How can non-local customers contact you for ordering and do you have a minimum amount?

Anyone can reach me through my page, Amy’s Design. I have my personal phone connected with the page. Whichever is easier for them, a text or message or even a post directly to the page. I have a personal PayPal account set up if anyone out of town wants to make a purchase. I do not have a minimum purchase to buy anything, just the cost of the product as well as the cost of shipping. Which shouldn’t be much at all considering, at the moment, most of my products for sale would easily fit in a basic envelope or something slightly bigger.

Special thanks again to Amy Reeves.
You can find Amy along with Amy’s Design onInstagram and Facebook.

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