I am a fan of a fashion so of course I notice both the good and bad.  I see a lot of cases of what I like to call the fashion “misguided”.  I have broken down a few categories where a simple adjustment can change you from a fashion don’t into a fashion do.

1.     Dress for your body type

I know it has been addressed, but they are still those who don’t properly dress for their shape.


Body Chart

Image Credit: themuseflash
Find the style appropriate for you particular body style. If you aren’t quite sure there are countless guides to assist you.  Check out this example above.


Don’t wear clothing either too form fitting or oversized.  Some form fitting clothes give the appearance of being too small.  Whereas oversized clothes can make you appear bigger.

2.     Just because it’s a trend doesn’t mean it flatters everyone

Image Credit: ClipArts101
Unfortunately, there are some trends that just won’t work for everyone.


Find which trends will work will for you. Remember you set your own fashion sense.


Don’t force a trend to work just to be in “style”.  Being comfortable is just as important as being on trend.

3.     Know how to properly wear white

Now I wrote a guest article for Luevo about how to wear winter white last fall (click here for the link), but here I am tackling wearing white in general.


Find the right shade of white for you. You can wear an all-white look or just a piece.


Don’t wear white or darker colors under white.  Unfortunately, these colors tend to show like in this example below.

Image Credit: HerCampus

4.     Be mindful of on sale and outlet purchases.

Sales and deals can be great, however, just make sure you are really doing so.

Image Credit: FreePik


Find the best deals while shopping.
Usually, you can find awesome fashion bargains in-store, online or by signing up for emails.  A good portion of retailers offer free rewards programs just for signing up for their newsletter or email lists. Another way you can bargain hunt is sample sales.  That hot item you had your eye could be marked down.


Shop without doing proper research
Sadly, some items are placed on sale at an outlet for a reason. In some cases, it could a manufacturing defect or they are discontinuing the item.  On the other hand, some items are knockoffs. There are several articles that help you spot them like this one from Racked.

5.     Wear the right high heels for you

Finding the right pair of high heels can be tricky, but not impossible.  The following tips can help make the process easier.

Image Credit: Allfree download


Find the right pair of heels (i.e. style, color, & height) for you.


Don’t buy or wear heels that give you discomfort. I can’t count the times I have seen women struggle to walk in heels.  Being “fashionable” shouldn’t come before your comfort.  There are many options (lower heels, wedges & etc.)

These are just some tips to try.  Remember at the end of the day fashion is about making your own rules, but sometimes we need a little help along the way

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