Do you have a favorite fashion item that you look forward to buying? If you are anything like me one of those items would have to be nail polish.  Over the years I have bought several of my favorite shades from affordable brands (i.e. Wet n’ Wild) to more luxury brands (i.e Sephora). I even receive a good portion as gifts or borrow from my older sister.  I haven’t used them in a while, but with spring officially starting this Friday I think it’s the perfect time to break out the light colors in my collection.  Check out the images from my current collection below.  

My Caboodle Train Case in RockStar Pink Black Plaid- Quick tip I learned you should store your nail polishes in a dark place for them to last long (Thank you RuPaul’s Drag Race).  I ordered a custom nameplate that reads Natural Fashionista.

Some of my nail polishes in the bottom of the train case

More of my nail polishes in the side trays.

Image credit: My Own Sense of Fashion

I have shared one of my favorite fashion/beauty item to splurge on? What’s yours? Leave yours in the comments below.

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